Friday, February 10, 2006

Piece of the Week - Tale Chase

Rummaging through the archives looking for something (else) I stumbled acroos an old VHS of Tale Chase by Andrew Fitzpatrick. Andrew was a contemporary of Steven Ball and Michael Denton on the FVS course at Maidstone College of Art, which is how I got to meet him. Having previously recorded music for (and with) both Michael and Steven for various video projects Andrew who having successfully got a small grant asked me to produce a soundtrack for his video in about 1986. 

Somewhat blind (having not seen the video footage) I produced three new tracks at IPS studios in Shepherds Bush for the project all using heavily treated acoustic guitar. However once we got together it soon became clear that these didn't really gel with the visuals and so I reworked some other material I already had, specifically a 'vibe' sequence originally written for Michael Denton's Watertight film and a percussive car track which combined a Led Zeppelin drum loop with Isle of Man TT race sounds.

Having not seen the piece for a few years what is interesting viewing it again is the way in which the video is edited (particularly in the second part) in an almost scratch style to the echoes and repeats in the music. The visual motifs of maps and compasses can also be found in many of Michael's videos from the period and indeed to some extent in Hangway Turning.

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