Saturday, January 28, 2012

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Storm Bugs Live

Somewhat improbably Storm Bugs (as in myself Prof Jambon and Prof Fromage) will be performing Live in Nottingham in February. I say improbably as Storm Bugs were always more of a studio/bedroom band than a live outfit. Nonetheless we shall be dusting down our back catalogue for full and frank renditions of classics such as: Eat Good Beans, Tin, Car Situations, Dull Sound of Breath etc, etc.

As Storm Bugs we performed an "AV set" in the basement of the now defunct Foundry a couple of years back but to be honest it was more of a Sanderson/Ball video collaboration with little relation to the original recordings or Storm Bugs sound. In practice then this Nottingham outing will be our first live set since 1980 when we performed (but only just) in Brenchley Gardens in Maidstone. So this will be a recuperation of an imaginary former live existence mediated by time and technology. Get your tickets here