Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Quadrangle (unedit)

Slightly to my surprise I am still getting requests for the Quadrangle video. Paradoxically the piece was not originally conceived as a stand-alone piece of fixed duration but as an installation. The synchronised music and image movements are produced by a quasi-random algorithm (quasi random in that its output is more akin to an improvisation based on certain parameters). Once running the piece will produce variations indefinitely with no obvious beginning, middle or end. Some intervention on the part of the artist was required to change the visual parameters on the fly, though with some max/msp jiggery pokery these too could be randomised.

I had the work running in such an ongoing fashion when visited one day by Prof Cheese who being in the throes of programming for the Island festival asked for a small slice. I duly obliged recording a section, taking some choice cuts and very quickly assembling a short self-contained piece. Here today though is the whole cut. This is in itself really an extract from the infinite unseen but gives a feeling for what an installation version might be like.