Monday, June 18, 2012

Hollow Gravity

The Hollow Gravity LP is now available to pre-order. There are only 100 copies - and as you would expect from Puer Gravy the pressing is on 180 gram vinyl with etched labels and screenprinted sleeves. So much for the packaging is the music any good?  Well you can try before you buy as Side 1 of the LP is available as a free download here

A reviews of Hollow Gravity by Jerry at Aural Innovations can be found here and by Edwin Pouncey from  the Wire magazine, September 2012 as below.

Philip Sanderson, electronic musician, installation artist, co-founder of Storm Bugs and founder of underground British tape label Snatch Tapes, returns with Hollow Gravity, a beautiful slab of vinyl with laser etched labels that flicker gently on the turntable as the disc rotates and the sounds pulse. This latest solo release from Sanderson follows 2005's album Seal Pool Sounds, a melancholic portrait of zoos that was also spiced with a mischievous erratic humour. 

Hollow Gravity is sombre but still playful, as Sanderson bolts together an imaginary science fiction soundtrack with his collection of analogue synthesizers, delay pedals and any other electronic junk that comes to hand from the pile. The results are zany and mysterious, occasionally flecked with a hint of menace, a sense of danger, a boiling vat of electronic music that occasionally sounds like the work of a mad scientist. 

The A side carries echoes of The Los Angeles Free Music Society, kicking off with an infectious robotic dance track that could have been penned by Doo-Dooette Dennis Duck. This moves into snatches of eerie spoken sound collage, giving the mood of a sonic séance as disembodied voices crowd in and fade away on Sanderson's synthesized ethereal plane. On the second side the darkness that has been slowly brewing finally closes in, leaving the listener marooned on an alien electronic planet tense with symphonic atmosphere.