Friday, April 17, 2009

Hair Cut

If Expanded Cinema gets too hairy try a fresh expanded browser piece here. Note ONLY works in Safari not Firefox, may just work in IE. Click refresh now and then for a different cut.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Carriage Return – the final DIY release from Snatch Tapes

To mark the 30th anniversary of the release of first Snatch Tape in 1979 we are pleased to announce the issuing of a final DIY cassette. Entitled Carriage Return the work consists of two twenty minute sound collages assembled from the thirty years of accumulated reel-to-reel tapes, cassettes, mini disks, CDRs in the Snatch Tapes archive.

Focussing on music and voice-overs originally recorded for various film and video projects Carriage Return weaves a fragmented narration concerning ghost sightings, car crashes, ley lines and hidden bends in and around Blue Bell Hill in Kent, England. Mixed with the spoken word is prepared piano, VCS3 synth, circuit bent Casio, shortwave radio, pots and pans and the usual melodic cacophony we have come to expect from Snatch Tapes.

Snatch Tapes is well know for its pioneering DIY approach and this final tape is a true Do It Yourself release in that listeners are supplied with all the files needed to make up their own cassette. Provided are two 20 minute MP3 files (one for each side of the tape) and full sleeve and label artwork ready to print off at home. All you need is a cassette deck, a blank C46 tape and a pair of scissors (or scalpel for a cleaner cut).

As the cost of distribution has been reduced to zero the release is provided absolutely free of charge. Listeners may of course use the mp3 files on their iPods on the understanding that after a thirty-day trial period they should either transfer the files to cassette or erase them

Collectors wishing to archive their copies of Carriage Return may send their completed tapes to the Snatch Tapes HQ where for a small fee they will be authenticated, signed, numbered and returned.

All the necessary files for your Carriage Return are here. Note: right click to download as:

Nearside (Side 1), 40mb
Blindside (Side2), 40 mb
Cassette Cover, 2.9mb
Cassette labels