Thursday, December 20, 2007


The anti-illusionist project engaged but still not married to form. A form that ultimately is that of an essential nothing, either on or in or indeed on top of the screen.


Steven Ball said...

Your statement doesn't make any sense to me. Am I missing something or is that the point ("...that of an essential nothing...")?

ps said...

Tis of course a TIC reworking of the Gidal Clouds statement as in....
Clouds, 1969, 10 min, silent, b&w
Frantic frame edge defining nothingness.
'The anti-illusionist project engaged by Clouds is that of dialectic materialism. There is virtually nothing on screen, in the sense of in screen. Obsessive repetition as materialist practice not psychoanalytical indulgence.' - PG (Nov 1975)

But you knew that already?

Steven Ball said...

Gosh, I missed that one, goes to show how far Gidal is from my thinking about anything at the moment.

(I was also about to ask what "TIC" was, but then I got it)

ps said...

Jesus if you didn't get it, no one else will......still the video can be enjoyed without the inside info

Steven Ball said...

Well I would have had to have memorised Gidal's statement to recognise your reworking and to be honest had momentarily forgotten about the film, (which of course is a lovely little impressionistic piece, isn't it?) so failed to make the connection. Nobody takes anti-illusionism seriously these days anyway.

I think the video is so whimsically nostalgic (in a good sort of Wednesday afternoon childhood autumn melancholia way) that Gidal flew right out of the window.