Friday, December 21, 2007

The Face of the Earth

Arteries filling up with sedimentary lust....A little topotopical for the season.



beautiful piece!
seems that there now is quite a fine compilation of the Topotypes on stormbug.
a fine new genre is under way: what daguerotypes where before to the stills, the "topotype''s flows now convey anything from iconic MM morphs, clouds and sea anti-illusions, product paraphernalia recalls and all other cartographic emulations, to new, heigthened visual atmospheric condition dispersals...
It's all about the weather, as professor Ham ( or was it Cheese?) once said in a lecture in copenhagen....

thanks for the inspirations this past year, and the best wishes for a happy and productive new 2008!

(super 8 versions soon available at patalab, with VHS and older beta-cam conversions under preparation... still trying to figure out how to convert older dio-rama frames into animated stereo gifs btw ;-)

ps said...

Thanks Sam. I shall be updating the main Psouper website sometime in the New Year and who knows Topotypes may well be a new category.

BTW don't forget Pixelvision when considering supporting a full range of formats!

sam said...

re: maps and other great distortions based on fatcs:see