Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bathing Beauty

The third and final of the Standard 8 films shot in 1990-1991 finds us in Cornwall with a little Bathing Beauty.



astonishing and very inspiring work!

for two reasons:
first the awareness of the amount of work and certainly means that this sort of visual piece must have generated, then.
so easy with today's digital software to mash-up, etc.
then,(the bygone times of the analogue) it was one take at a time, glue, hands-on, and every inch of footage indeed, precious remains.

secondly, to notice that your "gaze" is interestingly the same in capturing conditions as in your subsequent digital works... whirls, fractals, weather conditions, nature "overlays" etc.

(the panoramic shot on the beach with the bather "ants" is quite stunning, btw.)

looking forward to more freshly digitalised, "antiquated" work(s)
cheers, sam

ps said...

I'll see waht I can dig up...though in terms of the Standard 8 that is pretty much it I'm afraid.

Steven Ball said...

Yes I agree with Sam about the "ants" on the beach and I particularly like the way they are juxtaposed with/overlaid by the closer, ground and undergrowth shots; there's a kind of tension and suggestion of unrealized voyeurism.

ps said...
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ps said...

There was a certain dare I say "painterly" approach to these Standard 8 reels. Not looking through the viewfinfer but waiving the camera round in wide strokes and everything having to be in camera . Looking at the Shadowman footage by comparison it employs a shooting ratio approach - you know shoot x amount and then edit the more interesting bits, add a voice over, music etc.....