Monday, November 26, 2007

Sound Projector

The latest issue of the very fine Sound Projectior magazine is out featuring an interview with yours truely about this, that and the other. Not to mention a review of the Storm Bugs LP and lots more!


Steven Ball said...

Sound! And you get a cover shot, nice work!

Anonymous said...

If you look in the bottom left hand corner you will also see A Rocco Din video playing on the little TV. So sound and vision!


amazing cover!
cool, nouvelle vague, softly punked-up with a dash of lissitzky. a must have!
montez l'escalier astromomique ! eh ouais
(i ordered one, in fact)

nb:fancy new sunglasses or just the shadow in the projector beam?

ps said...

Yes, past it rock star chic sun glasses or, the shadow in the projector beam? The latter sounds better....As to the style of the cover layout this is very much the Ed Pinsent SP house cover style.