Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Engine Trouble - Update

If you happen to be in Naples this weekend you can catch Engine Trouble at MAGMART | video under volcano international festival of videoart. The other "winners" slected by the jury and on show are as follows.

Dies irae by Jean-Gabriel Periot (France)
Headpincers by Antonio Pannullo (Italy)
Glimpse by Jerry King Musser (U.S.A.)
The physicality of thought generation by Jerry King Musser (U.S.A.)
Svankmajer by Jerry King Musser (U.S.A.)
Piano sfera by Jerry King Musser (U.S.A.)
House of tomorrow by Agricola de Cologne (Germany)
Crocodiles in Venice by Ries Straver (Holland)
Fuck television by Ries Straver (Holland)
Selfportrait for Francis Bacon and George Dyer by Matt Flowers (U.S.A.)
Inferno by Matt Flowers (U.S.A.)
Exten(z)sion project III by Chiara Passa (Italy)
Audiocommédia by Audioside (France)
Electric sleep by Kevin Kunze (U.S.A.)
The tower trilogy by Barbara Agreste (Italy)
Gameplay by Anne Holst, Jean-Marc Matos and Antoine Schmitt (Germany)
Timer/wait by Dario Quaranta (Italy)
Blaine by Paul Ketterman (U.S.A.)
Fulltime by Artur Muradyan, Dmitri Sozinov and Sergey Soloviev (Russia, Armenia)
Day of poetry by Tatiana Antoshina, Marian Zhunin and Artur Muradyan (Russia, Armenia)
Motion A: flow by Yuki Ogawa (Japan)
Abstracts by Thomas Hitthaler (italy)
Structural myopia by Lane Last (U.S.A.)
Jour de reve by Yuki Kawamura (Japan)
Engine trouble by Philip Sanderson (United Kingdom)
Dalek/Zu by 47thFloor studio (Italy)
Magic mountain by Hackworth Ashley (U.S.A.)
Militar standard by Uqbar Project (Chile)
Showcase by Adam Hinterlang (U.S.A.)
The train by Yang Zhifei (China)
More info at http://www.magmart.it

Not in Naples, well get the pasta suace on and watch Engine Trouble here.

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