Sunday, December 18, 2005

Head of Steam

A short "tribute" to Geoff Jones. Head of Steam.


Steven Ball said...


Steven Ball said... distinct from striated (after D&G). Interesting in the sense that Geoff Jones’s films are mostly highly striated, that is to say rhythmic, ordered, controlled, but Head of Steam is smooth, flowing, amorphous. The precisely mechanical post-industrial vision of Jones’s films, albeit with cautious celebration and residual nostalgia, bypasses the liquid state of analogue electrification and, channelled through Head of Steam, takes the form of contemporary digital gaseousness.

ps said...

The synchronisation of musical accent with visual counterpoint in Geoff Jones’s work obviously struck a chord (!!) and indeed there is more than an echo of this approach in both recent pieces such as A Rocco Din and even old classics such as GOTH and Hangway Turning but in making a “tribute” to GJ it seemed better (or just perverse?) to opt for a less rigid synchronisation; as you say smooth, flowing, amorphous.

Steven Ball said...

that's one of the things that is so interesting about ti