Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Patinas of the Past

..arguably the boundaries between past and present are blurred such that there is an ongoing dialogue between the two. One might even imagine that the library and soundtrack music of the 1970s which so inspires the bands labelled as hauntological may not have been recorded in the past at all but could have been recorded now or indeed in the future and have simply seeped through the fluid pores of non linear temporality to physically manifest itself as piece of vinyl in the 1970s or as a download now or as who knows what at some future date.

Ah if only…..
 ‘Holding a battered copy of the Ziggy Stardust LP in one's hands, it can seem like a repository for nostalgic residues, as if the grooves in the vinyl were in some way the sculptured marks of time¹s passing.  Rather than let the sediments settle, the idea behind Suicide Suite was to create a means of once again setting in motion the sounds and images that have lain dormant since 1972.  Suicide Suite dose not aim to remix or add to the original but rather to create a ghostly twin; an echo of the LP that occupies a parallel but somewhat warped trajectory.‘

Through a Telephone Box Darkly

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