Thursday, July 31, 2008

Voice Box

Tune in this coming Friday the first of August at 5.30 to Resonance FM and the Sound Projector radio show for 1 hour 30 minutes of Voice Box; a montage of spoken word ill matched and yet perfectly set to music and/or vice versa. All selections by Ed Pinsent and Philip Sanderson.

Update on August 6th: a full track listingis now up on the sound Projector site.


sam said...

programe (sounds) great! (missed it by a day)
looking forward to the podcast, then.

ps said...

Yes we hope to have the podcast sometime in the next few days.

ps said...
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ps said...

Podcast is now up on the same page as the tracklisting.


just had a 15 minutes random sampling of the podcast:
superb, indeed.
what is striking, is the apparent consistency of the whole piece(s). transgressing the collage of fragments into something of exquisite candour and surprising short-circuiting additions ( and subtractions). a (s)light babbling with musical ramblings incorporating incongruous topics into one long multi-layered monologue... a nostalgic post-post-modern timepiece of bon-mots and appropriate (though complex) seemingly musak... at times reminiscent of fahlström, some monty-python and dispatching an aura of benevolent absurd sermons to a fine blend of musical potpourri into the ether.

a genuine podcast.

(samples permitted for voodles?)

ps said...

Well thanks Sam, a lovely description. I think your 15 minute slice is probably a good way of listening to this as the whole radio show of 1hr 30 mins in one sitting is quite a big portion. As to sampling for Voodles;, I leave it to your discretion.


i now had the time to listen to the entire podcast.
it is a wonderful aural experience, filled with humour and thought provoking overlaps...a time piece, indeed. (historical in may ways, freezing time and presenting itself as a fine mirror of topics, some out-dated, some refreshed, some remaining timeless... very inspiring!

(on patafilm # 617 some excerpt are used, to add yet another visual layer, using some left over footage from this summer) But then again: there are no left-overs, just material to be (re)cycled.

Steven Ball said...

Finally caught up with this, Sam says it all really. I take it that it was all spun live (the Peel style wrongspeed start of the morse code part is a bit of a give away)? Would it be interesting to do it as a live performance maybe? Also could be developed to be more 'curated' in the sense of connections (thematic or otherwise) between spoken word samples maybe? I like the way you resist the more precise sampling for obvious comic/ironic/clever effect in favour of going with the flow of the original text.

ps said...

Yes you have it, it was all done 'live' in the Resonance studio and with only the briefest of rehearsals so there are a few fluff ups. Interesting my initial reaction was to do some kind of post edit and tighten it up but I'm now beginning to quite like the slightly slap happy flow to it all. The speeded up morse code voice was of course intentional, or rather it fits...You are right though a further development would be more connection between sections.