Monday, August 07, 2006


The QuickTime player seems to have trouble with files in avi format but nevertheless tries to open them. The result is a series of flickering colouring squares at the top of the screen that seem in some way to relate to the soundtrack of the film, though precisely how is unclear. Using the max/msp/jitter matching mole patch it is possible to decode these pictures and produce a new soundtrack which whilst sounding nothing like the original in some way follows its digital contours and outlines. Herethen is Skypoint a flamenco flavoured reworking of the Pink Floyd promo movie for Point me at the Sky. (Note QuickTime 7 for Mac or PC required).


sam said...

an absolute marve!
thought provoking, indeed. watched it a number of times, and am still amazed by the simple complexity of imagery and proposed underlaying "provenience".
have not yet found pink floyd's promo movie to balance possible credibility, but give you all the benefit of the doubt(s)- the piece's Rorschach test-qualities, moving the inkblot into digital pixels, makes it a very memorable experience. thanks!

ps said...

Thanks Sam. Its interesting at first the movement in the squares is almsot irritatingly fast then I find you get slowly drawn into the as you say Rorschach test-qualities and start seeing what look like fragements glimpsed through open doorways of rooms, particularly in the top line.

The original AVI can be found at I'm thinking of releasing a version of my matching mole max/msp patch at some point so people will be able to make their own versions.


ah, yes. that is exactely what i "imagined" seeing: contours of rooms, doorways, glimpses of a larger space, here and there maybe a piece of furniture..

thanks for the link. it is exclusive though: limited to invited readers only.
so, in more ways than one, the original (yet unseen) film thus releases great images.. the imagination of a beautiful flow of virtual pictures, where the two hints (pink floyd + point me at the sky) give some sort of directions.

ps said...

Ah odd the site with the original Floyd video on (Sonic Pollutions) wasn't resricted 2 days ago but you are right it now is. Strange is this the way forward/backwards for blogs?

sam said...

no idea. did not meet it before..
but: that makes the viewing of skypoint even more exclusive then.
as godard once stated: " there is the visible and the invisible. if you only film the visible it is a telefim you are making"...
so skypoint is thus upgraded..