Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Snatch Paste

Later this year the German label Vinyl on Demand will be releasing an LP (yes one of those shiny black 12 inch anachronisms) of vintage material from the Snatch Tapes archive. The LP will focus on material from the Snatch compilations 1-3 (originally released (1978-81) with the odd extra bonus drawn from other Snatch Tapes.

The LP will be entitled Snatch Paste – An Audio Assortment of Snatch Tapes, and will be mixed by Capstan Seth (anagrams abound) and feature such gems as Chinese Restaurant Disturbance by Alien Brains, Blues by David Jackman, Dull Sound of Breath inside a Tin by Storm Bugs and White Braves by Claire Vevey and Susan Thomas. Other artists include Orior, N4s, Karl’s Empty Body, and Tony Clough.

The above is a mock up of the sleeve.

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