Thursday, August 18, 2005

Bosom Oak

The google translation service produced this nice cut up review of a Storm Bugs CD...
The band of the name which is called to that label the Storm Bugs existed, but, he and the like using the domestic electrification product, music had been produced. If it puts out noise with the radio, damages the record and uses in the percussion substituting, the tape loop, uses the analog synthesizer and the primitive cuts the rhythm and/or with thinks from now very much it is primitive sound, but, when now you hear, this oven it is it is audible in the feeling which the bosom oak く is good. " Being something which is close by, as for this work which produces music and " even the decisive board of Do it yourself sound can say, in us who are accustomed to the computer software, once more as for music you make that, with the originality device of that time becomes funny. Already, it probably is not possible to return here, but, forgetting, it isn't the sound which is not good? Limitation 300.

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