Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Feeling left behind? Join the iPod revolution now but at a fraction of the price!

Do you look in envy at your friends as they talk about their iPods, wishing that you could join the digital revolution? Well you too can now download and listen to music on the go but at a fraction of the price your mates paid for their fancy iPods. Cassconverter lets you record and play mp3 files on your old Walkman. Yes its true, Cassconverter turns any Walkman or potable cassette player into a digital hub, allowing you to listen to CD quality stereo anytime anyplace. What’s more you can fit over 15 hours of music on just one tape. Imagine the whole of the Beatles back catalogue on one handy cassette tape.

Using patent pending technology developed in the BingBong laboratories cassconverter is a small device that plugs into the headphone socket of your Walkman. Using a secret algorithm DACCA converter it deinterpolates the digital signals and presents them as crystal clear stereo to your headphones. Its plug and play with no fiddly software or manuals to understand and its affordable.

At £49.99 Cassconverter is a fraction of the price of a digital player such as an iPod and complies with the latest EU regulations on technology recycling and noise pollution. What’s more Cassconverter can keep you safe. It’s a sad reflection on today’s society but there have been a number of muggings at knife point over bipods but you can wear your cassconverter openly and everyone will think its just an old walkman. Only you will know your digital secret.

So order today at £49.99 with money back guarantee – if not completely dissatisfied return your cassconverter with 28 days and we’ll refund the difference.

Cassconverter a snatch tapes communications product.

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