Sunday, December 25, 2016

Circle Lines

Appealing as the idea of synaesthesia is, the relationship between an on screen visual form and a sound is ultimately arbitrary. A shape could for example expand or change from blue to green synchronised to a sound rising in pitch, but just as easily it could contract and change from red to yellow, and the sound still rise. Such relationships are arbitrary rather than essential, but once a reciprocal framework is established we as viewers will tend to actively adhere sound and image together and see/hear one as in some way causing the other. To create a dialectic one can allow, even encourage this adhesion to take hold but then must offset or upset it in some way to reveal the arbitrary. Circle Lines seeks to do this by having two sound and image production sources that operate in different ways; circles, and lines. The circles create one form of oscillation relative to their size and position, the lines function in a different way producing a stepped sequence according to their position on screen. To add confusion the two overlap visually and acoustically. This 'Test One' is just that a slightly indulgent racket that will form part of a longer piece in 2017.

Saturday, December 10, 2016


Using a form of optical sound married with generated representational imagery