Tuesday, February 16, 2010

No Particular Place to Go (Ring Mod Remix)

Today a ring modulation remix of the video No Particular Place to Go made using photographs of fly-tips from the Geograph British Isles website. Each photo was scanned to produce a musical note; putting the images together a musical sequence emerged; a pastoral accompaniment to the images. Geograph British Isles is a project that aims to collect photographs of every grid square of the British Isles. The photos which were originally uploaded by numerous different people from all over the UK were produced under a under a creative commons licence as is the video. No Particular Place to Go was originally shown as an installation at the Memorial Gallery in Hastings in 2009.

Watch: Quicktime  (Mac) or Streaming Flash (PC Or Mac)


Steven Ball said...

viewed like this, ie as a standalone video out of the context of the exhibition, I think it's even more effective, and strangely moving.

Fil Ieropoulous recently posted this video which similarly uses an image generated midi soundtrack to quite different effect:

Philip Sanderson said...

Thanks - the touch of ring modulation also seems to add that extra something - just a little dissonance fitting the pastoral gone bad